Manufacturing a shoe is a skill as well as an art. We are well equipped with the best talent and with state of the art machineries to develop products that delight our customers. Ensuring good quality of products is the culture of people at Foot Art. At every manufacturing step, a special team checks and approves the products for next step of process. Materials that do not meet the quality standards are discarded. With pride, we share with you the strict checks conducted at Foot Art during safety shoe manufacturing processes.

Quality at Foot Art:

Leather Cutting Quality Steps:* Leather quality check as per IS
Upper Making Quality Steps: * Dimensional Accuracy * Stitch & Pasting Quality
Shoe Lasting Quality Steps: * Shoe Orientation * Lasting Quality
Injection Moulding Quality Steps: * Overall Mould Quality * Foam Relative Density > 0.28 * PU Sole Hardness >50 Shore A
Finishing Quality Steps: * Final Overall Quality Check

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • PU- Direct Injection Moulding Machine with 36 stations
  • PVC- Direct Injection Moulding Machine
  • Shoe Lasting Machine (Italian made)
  • Clicker Machines
  • Skiving Machines
  • Grinding Machines
  • Buffing Machines
  • Eyelet Machine
  • Pneumatic Pasting Machine
  • Shoe Marking Machine
  • Shoe Trimming Machine
  • Strobel Stitching Machines
  • Zig-zag Stitching Machines
  • Double Needle Sewing Machines

Our Process

PU Injection Moulding
PVC Injection Moulding
Automatic Shoe Lasting
Clicker Machines
Finishing Process